Geno Tortelli - Guitar and Vocals

Blues Baptism:

I must have been about 15 when I saw the cover of Sonny Boy Williamson’s Down and Out Blues at the local record store. Man, that image on the cover burned itself into my soul the moment I saw it. I bought that record, along with a couple of the usual pop records that I was into at the time and headed on home. I put it on my parents J.C. Penney turntable and immediately fell in love with what I was hearing. I didn’t quite understand it though, until the song “99”. There I found the blues. I had never seen anything as heavy as the image on the cover of that record, but I could relate to the lyrics of that song. “The doctor’s bill was 300 dollars, and I didn’t have but $299.” We all come up a little short from time to time and the blues is a celebration of those shortcomings. Bring all your weekly worries, shortcomings, and other ailments to the show and stomp ‘em out on the dance floor. You’ll leave feeling better than when you came in………… I always do.


  • Ronnie Earl
  • Jimmie Vaughan
  • Dave Spector
  • Mike “Machine Gun” Thompson
  • Bill & John Clifton

Joe Tortelli - Bass and Vocals

The Whiskey Haulers have received several emails "what about Joe?" Joe said he was going on a spiritual retreat in Madagascar. We think he lied. We know Joe likes the cold & snow. He's probably ice fishing in Michigan. Joe will be back in time for the next gig. in the meantime... Joe's room is cluttered with electric guitars, bass guitars, amplifiers and microphone stands. His record player will soon fall off the shelf due to all the vinyl he listens to!


Chris Ober - Drums

Chris Ober is the newest member of the Whiskey Haulers and the guy in charge of the groove! If you talk to him about about powder days or motocross racing, he'll probably buy you a beer! 



Nick Derose - Harmonica

Nick is a product of the local blues jams. Educated in the Blues by playing with Reno's finest, Nick's old school playing compliments the band perfectly!