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Whiskey Haulers: News

Abby's Highway 40 - February 14, 2007

Thanks for everyone who came out to see us at Abby's on a rainy Friday night. It was our first show there and a huge success! Check out a couple of pictures from the show in the Photo Gallery.

Abby's has so much atmosphere and everyone is so friendly that it feels just like home. Highlights of the show for those who missed it:

1) R Brad unveiled the new Fender Hot Rod DeVille amp. R.B.P. made the jump from rocker to bluesman and tore the house down with his tone! He may have been a little loud but no one was going to tell him to turn down that night. Creamy smooth tube distortion all night long!

2) Joe's new shoes! Gotta Dig 'em.

3) Celebrities in attendance! Luke from the Atomiks, Chris from Sinfull Skin Tattoo, Tom from the Valley, the artist known as Jaycee, "The Beast", and Michelle and the Wild Girls made it a great night!

Check back often as we have some fun shows we are putting together in the next couple of months.

I am trying to update the website weekly. If you stop by and it hasn't been updated, drop me an email and get on my case!


Thanks Everyone - February 6, 2007

Thanks everyone who came out to Third Street Blues last Friday. We had an absolute blast playin' for you all and hope to see you again soon.

Check out a few photos from the show in our gallery.

Our next show is this Friday, February 9 at Abby's Highway 40 bar. This is a great music venue and a classic Reno hangout. Strap on your dancing shoes and come on out!

3rd Street - Here We Come! - January 24, 2007

Get ready to swing and jump with the Whiskey Haulers at 3rd Street Blues on February 2nd. R Brad is back from Brasil and has brought back some hot new licks from south of the equator.

The rest of the band spent January in the basement working out some brand new material and some new twists on a couple of our classics.

Hope to see you all there!

Big Surprise at the New Year! - January 10, 2007

I am officially engaged to my long time girlfriend Judy. We are both very excited about taking the next step in our relationship. Judy has always been a bit “unconventional” and is a huge supporter of my musical endeavors so I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised at how the whole situation went down. Dig this……

……..We decided to ring in the New Year with our good friends the Blue Haven Band at the Washoe Club in Virginia City. We got there early, got a room at the new Ramada, and had a nice dinner with Mike and Kim. Looking back on it, there was a nervous tension in the air that I thought was a little strange. I just wrote it off as New Year’s jitters. We went back to the hotel, changed, and made our way to the Washoe for a night of dancing and revelry. Everything went as planned as Haven had the whole place jumping and dancing. Midnight came and the countdown was right on. Cheri and Cliff had food, champagne, and dropped a load of balloons at the stroke of midnight. Hugs and kisses were exchanged and then the band jumped into their next song. At the end of that song, everything got strange. Mike called Judy up on stage to say a few words and she started into and emotional speech about how important I was to her. I thought it was very nice. Then out of the corner of my eye, I see Cliff, the proprietor, approaching me with a vintage rifle in this hand! Cliff made sure I didn’t bolt out the door and herded me up to the stage. Judy was just finishing her speech and concluded it by asking me to marry her! I could not have been more surprised and was happy to say yes! We danced the night away

As it turns out, just about everyone in the bar had known ahead of time except me. It really was a magical occasion and a memory that we will all cherish the rest of our lives. Thanks to Judy and her partner in crime Kim, the Washoe Club, Blue Haven, and everyone else who made it such a special night.


Get Ready for February! - December 29, 2006

Hello to all you Haulers out there. The band is taking the month of January off while Brad and his wife are in Brazil. But dont be sad, the rest of the boys will be in the basement grinding out more of those Bootleggin' Boogies that you crave. Keep a sharp eye on the site because "The Whiskey Haulers" are going to be throwing a huge suitcase of blues your way in the first weekends of Feburary. . See you soon!!!

the Washoe Club, Virginia City - December 17, 2006

What the Whiskey Haulers are saying about their show at the Washoe Club on December 16, 2006

“It couldn’t get much better. A winter snow storm covered the city streets. the ambiance of the Washoe Club was seductive... the original stone walls, the “newer” brick walls, the 100-year old wood floor. And they have the history going back to the Comstock days and the Millionaire’s Club. Mark Twain hung around here telling stories. Janis Joplin hung around Virginia City in the 1960’s; she had to visit the Washoe Club at some point!”

VPoint Christmas Party - December 9, 2006

Thanks to VPoint –TRC (It’ll always be VPoint) for having the Haulers perform at the 2006 Christmas Party.

This show was sentimental for us because the Haulers were born in the VPoint basement somewhere around 2000. That’s where R. Brad and I met and began working out grooves on guitar with Marty Ugalde on drums. The “Love Pumps” never made it out of the basement, but the ‘pumps’ transformed into the “Longhaulers” with Joe on drums and Lowell Patton on bass and vocals. We played a few parties and even toured central Nevada playing gigs in Eureka, …… and well, Eureka. Eventually the Whiskey Haulers broke out of the basement with the addition of Nick on drums and Joe’s move to bass.

It was great to bring Lowell up on stage and have him sit in on bass and vocals for a couple of songs. Lowell’s vocal on “Turn the Page” and R. Brad’s wicked lead were the highlights of the show! It brought back good memories of those late nights in the basement.

Blues Road Trip - San Francisco - December 9, 2006

Searching for the Blues – San Francisco October 27, 2006

The Hauler’s had a weekend off so Judy and I headed to the bay to see the Mofo Party Band Friday at Lou’s Pier 47 in and Johnny Nitro and the Doorslammers at the Saloon on Saturday. Man, what a weekend!

We packed up our motorcycles and headed over the hill early Friday. The trip went well other than getting a little lost in San Fran. A quick shower at the Holiday Inn Express and we were out the door. We walked around the corner and I could here the unmistakable voice of John Clifton singing “Country Girl” floating across the warf. Lou’s was comfortably full of people (mostly tourists) and the Mofos tore the place up! Bill played on the bar, John sang a cappella in the crowd, Jake thumped the stand-up bass like a madman, and Daniel keeping the steady beat! It was a great show, and best of all, there was an all-night Denny’s across the street for a late night omelet before calling it a night!

Saturday, we woke up none to early and walked all through the city. The fish market at Chinatown was definitely a trip! People were getting an early jump on Halloween and there were some people who I wasn’t sure if they were in costume or in their everyday clothes. We finally got to the oldest bar in San Francisco and I saw I had gotten my schedule mixed up so we wouldn’t get to hear Johnny Nitro sing his famous “Dirty Dishes”. Instead it was West Coast Blues Hall of Fame inductee Curtis Lawson, whose specialty is “Putting Shoes on the Rhythm and Blues”. The band, featuring Drake Levine on guitar, warmed up the crowd before Mr. Lawson took over the stage dressed to the nines in a red outfit and flashy hat. A great night of soulful R&B followed and the dance floor was packed with a fun, bluesy crowd. The Saloon is a tiny bar with a great atmosphere and should not be missed. Sunday morning we rode over the Golden Gate Bridge just to do it, turned around, and headed home with a head full of great music and some worn out dancing shoes. You can’t beat that for a weekend getaway!

New Website! - November 29, 2006

Welcome Bootleggers!

The website is finally here!

Check back often for schedule and updates.
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