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Whiskey Haulers: News

Ready For Mammoth! - July 20, 2014

The band is well rehearsed and ready for Mammoth Bluesapalooza and Festival of Beers. This is the party of the summer so come on out an join us. Details at:

Sierra Tap House - April 13, 2014

The Haulers are excited to play our first show at the Sierra Tap House on Friday, May 2. This is a new venue for us but a favorite hangout of many of our friends. We stopped in last Friday night to check the place out and it's got a really friendly and cool vibe. The room that we will be playing in is a bit small but is open to the river walk so on a nice night, many people are outside listening to the music as it floats through the air. They have a good selection of beers and a friendly staff. We're excited about playing there and hope you can join us!

2014 is Looking Good !!!! - March 31, 2014

We've played some great shows this year and have more in the mix. Stay tuned as we add more dates to the schedule. We're also planning on doing some recording in the upcoming months with the goal of putting together a CD of some of our original music to share with all of our friends.

Come on out to a show and don't forget your dancin' shoes!


Whiskey Haulers on Facebook - November 1, 2013

The Whiskey Haulers are on Facebook. Search for Whiskey Haulers Blues Band and follow the band! We have pictures, videos, and lots of great conversation. If you have any trouble finding us, let me know and I'll get you set up!

Eldorado Brews and Blues! - June 21, 2013

We're well rehearsed and ready to play the Eldorado Brews and Blues festival tomorrow. We've had great rehearsals and the setlist is ready! New strings, new picks. Lets do it!

Gettin' Greezy! - February 19, 2013

The Haulers are back bookin' shows in 2013 and having a great time. We've already played a few dates and look forward to playing more as our schedule permits. We're having lots of fun with the music right now and hope to see all of our old friends at a show. Check out the schedule for the latest!

Back in the Groove! - October 8, 2012

The Haulers are back on it after a long haitus. We've got some dates booked this fall and plan on playing regularly throughout the fall and winter. We've got some great new tunes that you're gonna love and a couple other suprises that we can't wait to lay on ya!

Hope to see everyone out at a show soon!

The Haulers Ride Again! - May 1, 2012

After a long haitus brewing up tasty new blues in the basement, the Whiskey Haulers are back on the scene and ready to blow the roof off the joint. Let's get it on!

Hot Summer Blues! - July 6, 2010

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer. The haulers have been busy in the basement recording and things are starting to sound good. We are a couple of sessions away from finishing the tracks and then on to mixing and mastering. Lots of work but I think you're gonna like it.

We're also putting in some new tunes to freshen things up a bit. We've got a couple of great new originals, some covers pulled from the back of the vault, an 8-bar blues you're really gonna dig, and some rockin' blues featuring Smitty on the vocals!

We've got some shows lined up and hope to see you all out at a show with your summer dancin' shoes shined up!


Happy New Year! - January 5, 2010

The Whiskey Haulers proudly closed out 2009 with a fun New Year’s Eve gig at Stumpy’s Pub in Sun Valley. In retrospect, 2009 was a great year for the Whiskey Haulers in terms of musical development and performance. We had one huge setback in April – the loss of our original drummer Nick Klaich – that left us wondering where this band is headed, and if or when we would play another gig. But once we found Smitty, things started to gel really quick. The Whiskey Haulers picked up some great gigs, and rebounded in a matter of months. It turns out that 2009 was our busiest year, and leaves us with many fond memories, including those last few gigs with Nick. The Whiskey Haulers want to give a really big thank you to all of our families and friends for their support. We'll see you soon!

Great Night at Abbys - December 8, 2009

091204d_resized.JPGWhat a great night at Abbys last Friday! Many friends on hand to drink, dance, and enjoy each other and the music. We really appreciate everyone turning out for the show.

The band is playing well right now. I think we have our sound dialed in better than ever. Great tone all around without being too loud. It's not as easy as it sounds, believe me. To the band, everything seams to sound better a little louder. The amps really break up and you get great tone, the cymbals ring and the snare really snaps. Too bad we can't play stadiums every day and turn it up to 11.

Unfortunately, there comes a point where it is just too loud to enjoy as a listener, especially in a small room like Abbys. We gotta face the facts that we aren't kids anymore and the motto "If it's too loud, your too old" doesn't apply. By the way, I used to have a KISS shirt that said exactly that when I was in middle school!

I think, after several years of playing together, that we are approaching that sweet spot of great tone and energy without excessive volume!

Don't get me wrong, we're no lounge band and if you're not paying attention, we may knock the socks right offa' yo' feet!

Check out the new pics from the show in the photo gallery!



Playin' for the Music - October 21, 2009

We have been fortunate to have had so much energy at our shows. When the dance floor is hoppin' and everyone is having a ball, it's easy for the band to feed off that energy and rock the house! It's easy for the casual observer to think "these guys are great", or for the bandmembers themselves to think they are really something when it's actually the energy of the crowd that carries the show. I think the true measure of a musician or a band is how they perform when the house is empty. It's inevitable that there will be a night when big things are expected but you end up playing to empty seats for one reason or another. Maybe it's the swine flu, baseball playoffs, confilcts with big casino shows, the weather, or a combination of all of these that lead to an empty house. It happens to everyone and it definitely happened to us last weekend.

I must admit that I let the lack of energy get to me a little during the first set. Things usually start slow but pick up as the night goes on. As things didn't pick up and we played some of the "good stuff" to a tiny crowd of family and close friends, I knew we were in for a long, slow night. I knew we were playing well but it just wasn't translating into a full bar and a big dance party. I was discouraged.

Towards the end of the first set however, my attitude began to change. The band was really playing well. Smitty was perfectly on time, Joe was groovin', and Brad was laying down some of his finest lead licks. The "show" wasn't gonna happen but it didn't matter because the music took center stage and carried the night. I believe it was our best show musically. Without the distraction of the show, I could really focus on the vocals and nuances of the guitar. The band in general was less rushed so the cadence of the music was much improved. There was plenty of time to breathe, and the beautiful simplicity of the 12-bar blues ruled the night.

Even though I love the party and puttin' on the high energy show that the Whiskey Haulers are known for, I feel that we grew as musicians and made the blues proud on the night we played for the music!

Rockin' Show at the Washoe - September 2, 2009

Thanks everybody for making the drive up to the Washoe for our show. We had a great time and it was a great festive atmosphere.

Thanks especially to John who waited patiently until the band was all packed up and then gave a great tour of the "haunted" Millionair's Club located directly above the bar. It was a great experience and I recommend his ghost tours to anyone!

We will be back there in September for the Friday Night Street Vibrations party. It's gonna be a rocker, I can guarantee!

Reno Tahoe Blues Festival - 2009 - August 18, 2009

For those who missed it.... The Haulers debuted our new drummer Gary "Smitty" Smith at the Reno Tahoe Blues Festival this Sunday. The show was rocking with a good group of dancers and smiles on everyone's faces. We have been rehearsing non-stop with Smitty and all of the hard work really paid off. Thanks everyone for your love and support!

As for the festival, there were some decent acts on the main stage including a show stealer set by Tommy Castro. Larry McCray and Ronnie Baker Brooks also played entertaining sets. The set up was the same as usual, lots of empty chairs and several levels of reserved seating available at extra cost. The general admission people or as I like to call them - MY type of people - were forced to sit on the grass in the scorching sun while the main stage artists played to empty, shaded, seats. As I have said before, I have been to many, many, festivals and this is the only one that doesn't promote love and community.

HOWEVER.... The Reno Blues Society was able to talk the organizers into incorporating a second stage for local bands. We were way in the back and were fighting for every minute of stage time but the local bands definitely stole the show! I saw almost every band and we all played with heart and soul. We all rose to the occasion and turned the festival on it's ear. We've got some increadible local talent and really showcased it. I don't know how many people I ran into that said that the local stage was their favorite part. Even when the headliners were playing, there was always a large group hanging around the locals stage, socializing, laughing, eating, drinking, and just enjoying the day together.

And that, my friends, is what it's all about!

Blues Diversions - Sonora Blues Festival - August 11, 2009

Joe, Judy, and I went to the Sonora Blues Festival last weekend. We've been going to this one for a number of years and it's one of our favorites. Alot like Taylorsville with many more people.

Our good friends, the Mofo Party Band, stole the show as usual both on the big stage and the indoor stage. Other performers included Shane Dwight, Paul Thorne, Jason Ricci, Coco Montoya, Watermelon Slim, and Johnny Winter headlining. Is that a killer lineup or what?

We towed our little trailer down and were glad to have a cool place to take breaks, eat sandwiches and drink cheaper beer than inside the festival. Also camping was fun and saved us the cost of a room!

We're looking forward to playing the Reno  Tahoe Blues Festival this weekend and hope to see you all there.


Taylorsville Update - The Show Must Go On! - August 10, 2009

The Blackhawk Solar Cookoff is in the books! We have been going up to the show just for the party for years, and this year we were finally invited to perform. Our big chance! Unfortunately, Brad was going to be in Brazil and Nick was in the process of leaving the band so it was up to Joe and I to make the decision. We knew there is only one chance for a show like this and knowing we have the love and support of our friends and fellow musicians, we decided "The Show Must Go On!".

A short but rockin' set was put together and our good friends Mike Thompson and Pad Dodson from Blue Haven helped us out on guitar and drums. A couple nights in the basement and we were somewhat dialed in.

We were on at 11 in the morning and the crowd was just waking up and having coffee and breakfast after dancing all night to Blue Haven. We jumped right into Champange and Reefer and put on the full show with all the moves, kicks, and callbacks that you would expect. Pat and Mike stayed in the background and let Joe and I front the band. It turned out great and had a real Whiskey Haulers groove.

The organizers said they would like us back next year. Hopefully with the full band!

Goodbye Nick! The Blues Keeps Rollin' On! - July 13, 2009

LATEST NEWS: Nick has decided to take an extended leave from the band for personal reasons. He has indicated that he is available to cover a show now and then but will no longer be an active member of the Whiskey Haulers. We are going to miss his signature "Flat Tire" backbeat and general enthusiam. We wish him the best in whatever he does. Bootleggers, don't worry because we aren't going anywhere! We are still charging ahead to provide you with fine boogie blues as only the Whiskey Haulers play it. Keep an eye on the schedule and stop in to see the latest news!

Taylorsville Here We Come - July 9, 2009

We are off to Taylorsville for the weekend. We have been excited about playing this festival for years! I'll be sure to give you all of the details as soon as we return.

We invite all of you to come camping with us!

Check out the website for details.

Tab Benoit in North Lake Tahoe, January 30, 2009 - February 4, 2009

the Whiskey Haulers’ ladies Paula and Judy were caught hanging out with Tab Benoit after his gig at the Crystal Bay Casino, January 30, 2009.

the Whiskey Haulers attended Tab Benoit’s show at the Crystal Bay Casino on the last Saturday of January 2009. Actually, ¼ of the Whiskey Haulers did not attend! Nick stayed home to learn the harmonica on this very special night. No problem. This was going to be a great night no matter what.

on this night, the Whiskey Haulers reminisced about watching Tab playing in the ultra-cool now-defunct Garage inside the Grand Sierra Resort, almost 10 years ago! This time Tab played inside the Crystal Bay Casino’s Crown Room. This is a great little venue built inside the old historic bowling alley from the 1940’s. He played a few old classics including a 10-minute Dirty Dishes. He played an emotionally extended These Arms of Mine, that left me wondering where he found those blues. He did an incredible solo medley between sets, got silly and toyed with the audience to segue into another little diddy. Tab capped off his medley with the best version I’ve heard of Stackolina. True to his style, Tab broke a string on every other tune, after he squeezed as much tone out of that string as he could.

on a side note, the following Saturday night, RBrad and Paula skipped security to check out TESLA at the Grand Sierra Resort. they still know how to rock

- RBrad

Red Hot December! - December 4, 2008

An empty stage. Tubes warmed up and glowing. A slight hum from the amplifiers. Drum kit sparkling. You can feel the energy in the air. The show is about to begin!

The Haulers have a great December lined up for you. We are at 3rd Street Friday December 5 and then at Abby's for the Santa Crawl on Saturday December 13th. These are two great venues and we promise to do our best playing smokin' hot blues so come on out and celebrate with us!

With no snow in the mountains, what better way to spend the night than shakin' on the dance floor. We're really excited about these shows and hope to see you all!

Where did Sirius Blues Go? - November 26, 2008

Sirius Blues, the finest blues radio I have ever heard appears to have been canceled in favor of BB King's Bluesville. Daily Cup of Joe with Joe Bonamassa, Shemika Copeland, Chess Records Hour with Marshall Chess, all gone, another victim of the corporate world. I am sure it was just too expensive to have all of these cutting edge musicians and expertly produced shows.

Instead of stories from the road or the good old days, BB King's Bluesville has changed to well known blues and psuedo-blues music with plenty of self promotion thrown in (Think McDonalds or Wal-Mart).

This is a huge bummer for my brother and I. Catch us on a set break and let's reminisce about the great radio station that was......Sirius Blues!

Whiskey Haulers Tee Shirt Sighting! - October 23, 2008

Skip Leedy sportin' a Whiskey Haulers shirt while competing in the Colorado State Mining Championships. Skip is a world champion single jack driller and more important, a good friend of the Whiskey Haulers. If you see him at a show, please buy him a beer. You can recognize him by his monster forearms!

Remember, send us pictures with our shirt in cool and unusual places and you can be in the Whiskey Haulers Tee Shirt Hall of Fame and get a free copy of our first CD due out this winter!

Getting back into the Blues - October 22, 2008

We know the last few months have been a little slow for shows but don't worry, the calendar is getting full. Be sure to check the dates on the site because we have been busy in the basement working on new tunes and making the old ones better. Geno just purchased a professionl recording studio so we should release our first CD by the beginning of next year. That show will be a party you don't want to miss. Hope to see everyone soon and make sure you wear your Whiskey Haulers shirt with pride, and shine up those dancin shoes for the next show!!


The Whiskey Haulers 2 year anniversay! - July 13, 2008

June 20, 2006 is the birthdate of the Whiskey Haulers!

Big Blues Party in Modesto - June 19, 2008

Modesto Blues Festival is in the books and what a time we had! The Haulers and Blue Haven brought a bucket of Northern Nevada blues down to the Central Valley and spread it around with style!

The festival was held in beautiful Graceada Park in downtown Modesto. The temperature was tickling triple digits but the blues fans were out. Special thanks to all of you who made the trip down to see us and hang out. We really appreciate all of our friends and sharing this experience with you was the highlight of our trip!

Here's how it all went down:

Joe, Nick, and Brad went down to scout the place out Friday and ended up hitting the town a bit to calm the nerves. Geno arrived about noon on Saturday, just in time to hit the pool at the hotel with the gang. Friends arrived throughout the early afternoon and the party was on!

We checked out Rhythm deluxe and DJ Slate, a couple of fine local bands. Next up was Rene Solis and the Guitar Extravaganza featuring Laura Chavez and Johnny Cat. We didn't see too much as we were preparing to go on stage but let me tell you they were great. Check any of them out if you have a chance!

The Haulers and Blue Haven set up together, and before we knew it, the show was on! We played a short but solid set and had people dancing and shakin' in their seats. We ended with Velvet Elvis and had the crowd dancing, laughing, and singing along. Special thanks to the sound crew as the mix was absolutely killer! Before we knew it, our show was over and we could relax and listen to Blue Haven.

Blue Haven came out and blew the crowd away. Mike, Rich, Funky, and Pat put on the best Haven show I have ever seen and really had the place rockin'. Mike's tone on the harp was amazing and Rich really laid down some serious licks on the guitar! Funky's bass was bumping and the Rev's drumwork was tight! Blue Haven's show really defined them as a professional-level blues band! They would make most headliners nervous with such a strong set.......

Not these headliners!

The Mofo Party Band, just back from their latest European tour, took off like a rocket and never looked back! From Fresno, this was practically a home town crowd and John Clifton had them in the palm of his hand. I won't go into too much detail (Check out my previous posts about Mofo shows!) but Nick shot a bunch of video that should make it to Mofo's site and YouTube. Check it out!

The post-festival party and jam was just as fun as the show. It was held at a courtyard bar close to the show. When we arrived, the Mofo's were on stage and the place was going crazy! Shortly after we arrived, they turned the stage over to the Haulers and we closed the night with some rippin' dance numbers. Thanks to Rich, the house guitar player, and some guy on harmonica for sittin' in. When we finished, there was nothing but smiles all around!

That's what the blues is all about!
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